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What A Personal Trainer Did During Coronavirus Quarantine

Hello there,

So, what does a personal trainer do during almost 2 months of quarantine? Have I gained weight? Have my clients been sticking to their routines? Will we ever be allowed outside again!?

I think we're all starting to go a little crazy with this whole situation.

Honestly, I'm not working out that much -- and honestly, I don't hate it. For me, it's been nice to take a little break from the gym. Yes, I miss working out, but it's nice to give my body a little rest from the iron paradise.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm still exercising. I'm going for nice long walks, doing some more mobility work and overall just doing some daily body weight exercises such as squats, pushups, rows, etc. just to keep active.

You have to break a little sweat each day to break up the monotony. It helps me to stay sane. That's what I've been trying to stress to everyone. Don't worry about getting in the perfect workout. Something is better than nothing. As long as you're trying to improve over the previous day, that's a win. Stack as many small wins as you can right now.

As for nutrition, it's kind of been all over the place. Some days are my usual routine, and other days are pure trash. But you know what? That's okay. I'm not stressing over it.

We're in unprecedented times and it's okay to not really know what to think or do about this whole situation. We're all taking it one day at a time and hoping this is all over soon.

My clients have been doing well. Most of them work in a hospital setting so this time has been crazy for them as you can imagine. Others are working from home and still staying on track for the most part. I'm still FaceTiming and texting them to give them workouts and help keep them on track so that we can retain some sense of normalcy.

At this point, I'm hoping that gyms are reopen by mid-May or early June at the latest. Hopefully by that point, most things will be back to (almost) normal. But as you know, some things will never be the same again.

Restaurants, and many other businesses will have a lot to change before we ever get back to the way things were (if we ever get that again) so that will take a lot of getting used to.

It's still a strange sight to see people everywhere wearing masks though. It's hard to breathe in those things!

But, I try to look at the positives and there have been more than a few of them during this whole situation.

I've been enjoying more time with my family and friends, keeping the house clean, and working on small projects over the house. It's nice to just relax and have a mid afternoon beer with Colette if that's what we feel like doing that day.

One cool thing that we did was that we recently redecorated our attic into a makeshift movie theater room so that has been a fun little project to pass the time! We have a projector, movie posters, strip lights, bean bag chairs and everything that you need for the complete movie experience. Pretty fun!

I'm itching to get back into my normal routine though.

So, overall, I've been doing well. I hope you're doing well too. Remember, if you ever have any questions about your health and fitness, shoot me a message!

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