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6 Tips To Lose Weight Before Summer

What’s that? You haven't been sticking to a workout routine? Of course you haven't. No one has, because working out is almost impossible right now. But, if you are motivated to get your ass moving and drop the quarantine 15, then here are 6 simple tips to lose weight before summer. 6 TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT

1. Build progressively. Successes will compound. Figure out some things that don’t overwhelm you at first, that you know you can improve, and really focus on those, and then build from there.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be consistent. For example, commit to drinking a glass of water at each meal, every day, for seven days. The second week, walk daily for fifteen minutes. Even though your primary goal is no longer water consumption, you’ll probably still drink more of it during that second week than you would have before—and you’ll be walking, too. Good habits add up.

But beware: Failures add up, too. A lot of people have one bad day of eating, and they throw it out the window, and then one day becomes two, two becomes four, and then it’s two weeks later and they’re like, ‘Holy shit, I haven’t done anything, I might as well just give up.' Fight this off, by thinking longitudinally: “What am I going to do today that will get me to tomorrow—and then get me to where I need to be two to four weeks out?’ That helps me understand that if I just take care of everything in this moment now, I’m actually getting to where I need to be.”

2. Eat lean protein and vegetables 90% of the time.

When you consume lean protein and veggies most of the time, you're turning your body into a fat burning machine. Once you eat your protein and veggies, you can finish out your plate with a tasty side of whatever you like. So what would be a good meal? Say for dinner, you have a palm sized portion of pork chops, with a side of roasted broccoli and then a small portion of roasted sweet potato fries. That's a nice well balanced meal. 3. Always be adding. Add one more good choice. Have one less glass of wine at dinner. Add one hour of sleep. Add one quarter mile—or even one minute—on the treadmill. One more set on your favourite muscle group—or one more set on your least favourite muscle group. Play the game, It’s just a game. It’s just adding and subtracting until you finally see results.

4. Be thankful If a workout didn’t go as well as you had hoped, let it go. You showed up, and that’s a win. Happy for what we have, not unhappy for what we don’t. Besides, focusing on what you didn’t accomplish causes an uptick in cortisol—the stress hormone. When trying to get stronger, that’s your fucking enemy.

Gratitude, also means reframing what “success” looks like for my clients.

Figure out other metrics besides weight loss or aesthetics. Are your energy levels improved? Have you had more mental clarity? Is work now easier for you? Are your clothes fitting better? Has your skin improved? Create as many benchmarks as you can for yourself. 5. Time outside the gym is just as important as time in the gym. Working out should be the easiest part of your workout plan. It’s the decisions that take place elsewhere—the one to get a single drink instead of three or four, or to turn off Netflix and go to bed, or to forego the snack you really want—that are harder. You’re more likely to achieve your fitness goals if you think of your routine as a 24-hour task.

6. Remember: time is a construct. This whole “If I didn’t hit my Memorial Day finish line, what’s the point?” attitude? Lose it. There’s no ‘finish line.’ It’s fake. And here’s the other thing: there’s no starting point. It’s fake. It's a man-made fitness anniversary. So start whenever you want, and never finish.”

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